How to Get a Copy of a DD Form 214


When separating from the military each member is given a DD Form 214 which gives a detailed history of that person’s military service. The DD Form 214 is a very important document that is used for employment benefits, taxes, educational benefits, medical benefits, and compensation programs like the Ohio Veterans Bonus. Losing the DD Form 214 can be devastating. If you lost your DD Form 214 there is a painless way to get a copy as long as you have the required information. Military Clothing Store

How to Get Your DD Form 214 from the National Archives Web-Site

Step 1: Log onto the National Archives Web-Site.

Step 2: Select the “Veterans’ Service Records”. This box will give you the option to “Request military records and learn about other services for yourself or a family member.”

Step 3: Select the “Learn about military service records” option under the “Request Military Service Records” section.

Step 4: In the top center or bottom of the page select “Use our eVetRecs system to create your request”

Step 5: Select the “Launch eVetRecs System to start your request online

Step 6: You will be asked a series of questions to retrieve the correct document. Information to have ready includes branch of service, active or reserve, officer or enlisted, reason for request, full name of individual, SSN, date of birth, place of birth, service number, and the date the service member left the service.

Note: Not all of this information is required. However, the more information you input into the system the more likely the information requested will be correct.

Step 7: Sign and Fax the Signature Verification form.

Note: If you do not do Step 7 you will not receive your DD Form 214. Try to sign and fax this paperwork the same day. All the paperwork requires you to do is sign and print your name. The fax number you send it to is part of the document.

Step 8: After about 1 week you will receive your DD Form 214 electronically as a pdf. This process according to the National Archives can take up to 90 days. It may come quickly or it may take the 90 days based on the workload of the archives at the time of your request.

Now that you have a copy of your DD Form 214 make sure you have plenty of copies stored in a place you can remember and out of the hands of others you do not want to have a copy. My suggestion is a safety deposit box or a trusted family member.

Are there other ways to get your DD Form 214 or benefits where you need your DD Form 214? Let us and our readers know your ideas.

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