How to Make a Balloon Butterfly (or Dragonfly)

Making a balloon butterfly takes one and a half balloons and a dragonfly takes two balloons. This is great for parties because it is quick and little girls love butterflies and boys often enjoy the dragonfly. You can also include the insects in a hat for children to wear. The following will show a few simple steps on how to make a butterfly and a butterfly hat and the variations for the dragonfly. - What Are You Celebrating

What You Will Need

2 Twisty Balloons of different colors
Air Pump

How to Make the Butterfly Wings

Step 1: Blow up the first balloon nearly all the way leaving only a small tip to use for tying.

Step 2: Tie the ends together (click here to learn how to tie a balloon).

Step 3: The balloon is in the shape of a circle.  Push the knot towards the center of the other side of the circle creating two smaller ovals (same steps as in the balloon flower except you will twist off center).

Step 4: Bend the ovals together and grip slightly to the right of center to keep all parts together.

Step 5: Twist the balloons together to make the wings.

NOTE: Holding the balloon slightly off center in Step 4 will give the butterfly wings its shape of the larger portions on the top and the smaller portions on the bottom of the wings.

Step 6: Straighten out the wings (continue to Step 7a if you are making a butterfly or skip to Step 7b if you are making a hat) .

How to Make the Butterfly Body

Step 7a: Take a twisty balloon and only fill a small portion (about 6 inches) full of air.

NOTE: To make the body of the dragonfly, fill the second balloon over half way with air to make the body longer.

Step 8a: Tie of the portion with air and cut or break off the unused portion (unused part of the balloon can be used for a later project).

Step 9a: Secure the body of the butterfly in the middle section on the wings.

Now you have a completed balloon butterfly or dragonfly!

How to Make a Butterfly Balloon Hat

To make a butterfly balloon hat, follow Steps 1 through 6 above. Then do the following:

Step 7b: Blow the second balloon up all the way to create the hat.

Step 8b: Measure the circumference of the child’s head and twist the balloon at that point creating a circle with a long body sticking out.

Step 9b: Attach the butterfly wings  to the body on the hat towards the top of the body.

NOTE: To make the dragonfly hat, simply attach the wings lower on the body of the hat to make the body appear longer.

Now you have a completed balloon butterfly or dragonfly hat. Be ready, if you make one butterfly hat at a party for little girls, soon they will all be asking for one!

We hope you enjoy this basic balloon animal my daughter invented. It is a quick and easy project for the beginner balloon artist! Let us know what you think about this project and if it was helpful. We would love to hear from you.

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