How to Rock Band 2

Addiction to Rock Band 2

I know this title may sound confusing, but I want to explain a mistake I made a while back about games like these.  I am a video game junkie.  I enjoy games such as Halo, Elder Scrolls series, BioShock, Mass Effect, and now that I have kids the Lego series (Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Batman, Rock Band),  just to name a few.  So when Guitar Hero and Rock Band came about I was one of those gamers that said,  “There is no way I am getting mixed up in playing those games” … until now.

How it All Began

Recently, I decided to see a friend half way across the country because he wasn’t feeling well.  And that is all it took.  We stayed in for most of the trip and he convinced me to play a couple of songs from Guitar Hero.  Next, thing I know it was more than four hours later and my hands were starting to cramp because of all the songs we played through.  We played songs I had heard recently as well as songs I hadn’t heard for awhile.  My favorite songs, now classics, at least that is what they tell me on the radio, rediscovered once again.

Purchasing Rock Band 2

So, when I got back from my trip I immediately went out to Best Buy and bought the Rock Band 2 box set.  It includes the wireless drum set, wireless guitar, microphone (which I still haven’t used and probably never will), and the Rock Band 2 game.

Then I went out and bought the cymbals which include one or two, but the drum set can hold up to three.

Getting the Word Out about Rock Band 2

Why write a post about Rock Band 2?  The main reason is to tell other gamers who are like me that have written off Guitar Hero and Rock Band as a class of games that was beneath us “hard core gamers” that have dedicated our lives to first person shooters and Role Playing Games (RPG)s.  I’ve found after playing countless hours of first person shooters and RPGs that mixing in a little Guitar Hero and Rock Band allows me enough time away to refocus and enjoy gamming.  Oh, and did I mention, it is a great party game.

Apology to Guitar Hero and Rock Band Gamers

So, many apologizes for all the times I’ve bad mouthed those who have enjoyed this type of gaming.  It’s never too late to at least try and play Guitar Hero and Rock Band.  You may find out it’s a lot of fun, not to mention humbling after failing out trying to play past the harder setting.  It is also a great deal of fun watching your children try to keep rhythm to such great artist as KISS, Metallica, and AC/DC or dance to the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Do you have additional ideas or comments to add about Guitar Hero or Rock Band? Please feel free to submit your comments and gamming ideas.

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