How to Wear a Life Watch Heart Monitoring System

Every now and then we are faced with heart troubles that need to be identified by medical professionals. Heart trouble can have many symptoms and should not be ignored under any circumstances. Seek medical help immediately if you or others are faced with unexplainable heavy heart beats, sluggish heart beats, pain in the chest, shortness of breath, blurriness, dizziness, numbness in limbs, fogginess in thought or even slight or loss of conciseness. It is hard to diagnose yourself if you are not in the medical field, which I am not as well.

Recently, I was faced with some of these symptoms (palpitations) and made a doctor’s appointment immediately for further diagnosis. There are many different tools and resources a doctor can use to identify what could be the reason for causing what may be causing heart trouble. If you are lucky it might not be anything at all, but the only way to know is to seek medical advice. On my visit I was hooked up to an Electrocardiography, otherwise known as an ECG/EKG. An EKG is a “transthoracic interpretation of the electrical activity of the heart over time captured and externally recorded by skin electrodes” (Wikipedia). This gave the doctors a quick visual to see if there were any irregularities with my heart at that point in time. Since there wasn’t, the doctor had other options he could undertake such as blood test, stress tests, and in my case a Life Watch heart monitoring system.

How to Hook Up a Heart Monitor

The doctor suggested I take the heart monitoring test for one week. I have never had a test like this done before so I expected the worst. I had visions of all of these stickers all over my body with wires attached to them hooked to a box that I would carry around would be miserable. However, much to my surprise it wasn’t all that bad. All I had to do was place two ECG conductive adhesive electrodes on my body.

The first electrode was placed just to the left of my right shoulder and the second electrode was placed on the left side of my body between my second and fourth rib bone. Each electrode attaches to a wire that looks like a snap button and each wire/button has an “L” for your left and an “R” for your right. These wires then connect to a little box that looks like an pager that can be carried on your belt or can be hung around your neck.

How to Transmit a Heart Monitor Recording

The Life Watch heart monitoring system can hold up to three recordings that the user chooses when they feel their symptoms occur. Once the user reaches the max of 3 recordings then they need to call Life Watch to transmit their heart recordings. It’s a “1-800” number which makes it convenient and the menu options are quick and painless. They will ask you the reason for the call and then the insurance group you belong to. Once you finish consulting with the operator, transmit your recording by holding the phone receiver over the “Record” area of LifeStar box.

Press the “send” button on the right hand side of the box. Each transmission will take between 1 to 3 minutes.  When finished the operator will analyze the transmission(s) to make sure the user is ok.  If an issue does not exist, the operator hangs up and your LifeStar box will reset for another 3 recordings. While on this heart monitoring program the user needs to transmit at least once every 24 hours regardless of the amount of recordings. When transmitting please make sure you disconnect the wires from the LifeStar box.

I’m sure there are many other devices that can monitor the heart. If you have any other recommendations please let us and other readers know. Having a heart problem can be scary even if it doesn’t amount to anything. However, after this event I think it’s even scarier not knowing what the problem is and not seeking treatment will only make things worse.

To learn more about conditions concerning the heart visit the American Heart Association or for warning signs of a heart attack.

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